Commission Info

By commissioning, you agree to these terms of service.

Standard Work

-Pricing is for both anthro and feral.
-All Sketches are Flat Colored
-Flat Color and Shade have full lineart

~HeadshotHalf BodyFull Body
Flat Color$7$9$12

Reference Sheets

-Includes Color Swatches and the option of a few small objects, character mini and/or text information.
-Pricing is for both antro and feral.
-Simple only includes minimal color swatch
-Add small back ref on Simple for +$3

~SimpleSingle SideDouble Side
Flat Color$12$15$25

Standard Customs

Full Custom/Description based work
*All customs may incur a added difficulty fee based off a %

~Full BodyRef (minimal)Ref (1 side)Ref (2 sides)
Flat Color$25$26$30$40

*Difficulty charges and fees can be found in TOS

Random Designs

The idea is to get something unexpected and different.
Design and style would be up to me; but the end product is up for you to either keep or resell
Can be entirely random, or choose to specify:
-Color palette
-Aesthetic (must include references/theme board)

~Full Design

( Made with Carrd )